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1.How can I get an Owner's Manual?
2.How can I purchase a Parts Catalog?
3.What should I do if have problems with my Emate products?
1.Does this unit have an atomic clock?
2.How accurate is the data?
3.How much sunlight is needed to power transmissions?
4.Are the solar batteries available on their own?
5.Can I leave the unit out during the cold winter months?
6.How do changes in barometric pressure relate to weather forecasts?
7.How do I clear the rainfall totals and reset the since date?
8.How do the temperature and humidity sensors work?
9.How long can the solar transmitter operate without needing direct sunlight or drawing power from the backup batteries?
1.Do Atomic Clocks work in Canada?
2.Why the display is blank?
3.Why time is incorrect or not displaying at all?
4.Will my Atomic Clock function in Alaska or Hawaii?
5.Will the Atomic Clock that I purchased in the United States work outside of the U.S.?
6.Change the way the date is displayed
1.what's the camera?
2.Does it take photos in the evening?
3.When the power cut off, does it work normally?
4.If families go out for a tour, does it check the situation in the house on other places?
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