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 To know the weather anytime, anywhere --- Emate Weather Station (Sept. new items launch)

With the change of times, the quality of life and culture is becoming more significant to us. However, with traditional weather stations, it has been unable meet our growing aesthetic needs and also hard to fit into modern household environment. In order to improve this and provide our customers with a full range of services, Emate has launched a new Weather Station collection covering the basic demands while serving as work of art, which is the design philosophy of Emate.
E0101, an entry-level of weather station—Thermometer, introduces the LCD screen without backlight. Except for the time function, it offers indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity and other optional features. It is an ideal substitute to the traditional desktop clocks.
E0201, a fundamental family weather station. brings you enjoyment of elegance and beauty by its orange or blue backlight. It provides not only the basic functions such as time, temperature and humidity, but also weather forecasting functions which is indispensable partner in family life.
E0303, a fully-functional household weather centre, highlights on the flat front panel and button-free design , which indicates the ultimate pursuit of details of Emate. E0303 covers fundamental functions of clocks and weather stations, and provides extra information of moon phase, temperature trend, outdoor temperature with outdoor sensor, and other optional features which helps you to forecast the weather at anytime, anywhere.
Emate Group always dedicates itself to bring out more and even better electronic products for you.

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